Ever since OTT started back in 2002, we have been aware of the need to show respect to other trail users. In order for trail riding to legally continue it is essential that this remains the case. Please follow the advice below:

  • Make sure your bike is properly silenced. Loud pipes are not acceptable.
  • Stay on the trail. (Don't start hooning about on fields leaving tyre tracks for all to see!)
  • Slow down for horses and walkers. If a horse still looks nervous, stop your engine, let them pass.
  • Slow down for blind corners. There could be a walker, horse, or 4X4 immediately around that bend!
  • Leave gates exactly as you find them.

Finally, it can be very frustrating to slow down only to be challenged or grumbled at by certain rambling types. Often they are not local to the Peak District and simply don't understand the status of the trail that they may be on. The best solution to such a (thankfully very rare) situation, is for the guide or first rider to state that motor vehicles are allowed on the trail and then to quitely ride on. The other riders should not get involved pass slowly, and say nothing.