Adventure Bike Tours

OTT Adventure Bike tours are designed specifically for larger bikes.

Using our very detailed (virtually rock by rock), knowledge of the Peak District trail network we have chosen various routes that we believe are possible on a larger dual sport adventure bikes.

The routes take in both surfaced and unsurfaced roads, and will provide a variety of challenges throughout the day. Our guides will also be on hand to advice and assist should that become necessary.

The Peak District is criss-crossed with many trails of varying difficulty. From extreme to straight forward. On the adventure bike tour we are not aiming to throw impossible challenges at you so we will be avoiding the really hard stuff. That said every trail has its awkward parts and that’s part of the fun.

What is easy on an enduro bike may be hard on a big adventure bike!

Is my bike suitable?

By a ‘adventure bike, we mean any dual sport bike with a ride weight over about 160kgs. If you have ever wondered what your bike is capable of, you would be amazed.

Most modern ‘adventure’ bikes have been derived from the desert racers of the past and due to their geometry, suspension and power delivery characteristics, are surprisingly ‘off-roadable’.

The limiting factor is often the rider, rather than the bike. We can advise on techniques, and show you how, the rest is up to you!

Bike preparation

A good pair of lever guards is preferable when taking your bike off road. The other option is to bring a spare pair of levers (ebay?) along with you. Make sure your bike has adequate sump and engine protection.

  • Tyres : Obviously the more trail orientated the tyres you have, the more confidence and traction you will also have.
  • Weight : Leave those heavy panniers here at base or in your hotel room! Also, fuel weighs 0.8kg per litre, so there is little point in arriving with a full tank. Try to arrive with no more that 70 or 80 miles worth of fuel in your tank, we will refuel after about 50 miles.
  • riding equipment : Motorcross style boots, proper hard knee protection, along with good upper body armour is essential. However whatever the weather you will get quite warm on the off-road sections. We can loan a certain amount of riding gear subject to availability free of charge.

Break downs As with our other ‘bring your own bike’ tours, ultimately break downs are the rider’s responsibility. You should bring a standard tool kit along with extra cable ties, a selection of nuts and bolts, heavy electrical or ‘gaffa’ tape, and a system for puncture repairs. We can also arrange recovery to a local motorcycle mechanics shop on most days, (excluding Sundays), chargeable directly with the shop. (Superb mechanic, very reasonable!).

Group sizes OTT likes to operate in smaller groups than other tour companies. Particularly on this tour, we find it better to limit our group size to a maximum of five bikes. This is because larger bikes take longer to travel the off road sections and may sometimes need a team effort to succeed. This approach also keeps things more bespoke and personal.