1:2:1 Training

1-2-1 Novice / training days are aimed at riders who have road riding experience but now want to start riding off road.

One of the main reasons for the 1-2-1 day is that the rider is not put under pressure from others to ride faster, or take on terrain that is beyond them. Each obstacle can be discussed until the rider's has the confidence to tackle them.

My background was initially as a flying instructor, so I teach not only what to do but exactly why considering the dynamics of a dirt bike in different situations. Rather like the effect of aerodynamics on aircraft which pilots need to understand, a dirt bike is subject to various forces, weight distribution, engine torque, terrain surfaces and angles. The more you understand the better rider you’ll become.

A typical day would consist of a comprehensive safety and technique briefing, followed by kitting up and riding out. We then normally start with breaking on loose gravel standing up, learning the feel of locking up the rear wheel and a slow speed balance. Then it’s onto a couple of easy fairly flattish lanes. Next we cover how to control the bike on steep down hill sections. Once that has been achieved we can set out on the days route gradually layering up the technical difficulty level as appropriate depending on how you are doing. We keep a close eye on new riders advising along the way as needed. Roughly 100 miles road and off-road is typical.

Apart from the riding experience, you will also gain knowledge about equipment, bike choice, and the legality of trail riding. Thereby avoiding expensive mistakes!

For more advance techniques such as higher speed cornering and jumps etc. we now have use of an excellent off road track facility in our area.